Business Update Due to COVID-19

We are strictly adhering to California guidelines as well as the Department of Social Services guidelines and recommendations. We are restricting all non-essential visitors at this point and only allowing medical professionals in our building. We are also mandating that all visitors follow our safety protocols once in the building. For questions, please call.

Providing Quality Care in a Loving Environment.

Valley Comfort is a family owned and operated 44 bed assisted living community and a 48 bed dementia Alzheimer’s community specific for seniors.

At Valley Comfort, we strive to exceed the expectations of our residents and their families.

We provide compassionate care and offer all of our residents the dignity they deserve. Our 24-hour care and hands-on approach allow us to make immediate decisions regarding your loved one’s well being.

When your loved one moves in, it will not take long for you to see how we provide love and individualized care to each member of our extended family.

What to Look for in an Assisted Living Community

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Checklist of Important Documents Needed for Admission to a Healthcare Facility

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Book Recommendations

If you are just beginning the journey of caring for an aging parent, especially one who has Alzheimer’s or dementia, it is easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Rest assured, there are a wealth of resources out there to help you navigate through this challenging transition. Still Alice by...

10 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp

As we age so does our brain. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, adults who frequently engage in mentally stimulating activities were 63% less likely to develop dementia.  Here are some ways you can keep your mind sharp: 1) Exercise Of all the things you can do...