Meet the Staff

Dale and Glenda

Dale and Glenda founded Valley Comfort in 1989. Their goal was to provide an Assisted Living / Memory care unit that would uphold all of their expectations of quality and compassionate care for each and every resident. They have always ensured that Valley Comfort maintains its high standard of quality which they instilled in their staff for over 30 years.

Chris Gaither

Chris joined Valley Comfort in 2003, shortly after his 18th birthday. After spending over a year in each department, he became the Administrator of Valley Comfort in 2010. With his experience, he is able to know and understand how to make the most appropriate on-demand decisions for all residents.

Nick Gaither
Executive Director

Nick joined Valley Comfort in 2007 at 19 years old. He believes that residents receive the highest level of quality care through a hands-on approach. Although Nick assists in running the day-to-day operation, he is also very hands-on and involved with each resident’s care to ensure everything is meeting the expectations of the Valley Comfort standard.

Mary Zuniga
Administrative Assistant

Mary joined our team in 2016. Mary was an administrator at a 6-bed facility and decided she wanted something new. She joined our team and immediately fit in. Mary has a philosophy of continuing to provide hands-on, quality care for our residents.

Connie Ramos
Facility Manager

Connie joined our team in 2016 and quickly worked her way up to Facility Manager. Connie has 20 years of caregiving experience and has utilized her skills as a caregiver to oversee and provide a hands-on approach to her managing tasks. Connie’s style of leadership is that she will never ask anyone to do a task that she will not do herself.

Reina Arevalo
Housekeeping Supervisor

Reina started working at Valley Comfort in 1999 and assumed the Housekeeping Supervisor position right away. Reina takes pride in maintaining a safe and healthful living condition for all of the residents. Reina has a very high expectation for her staff and maintaining the overall quality of the facility.

Uma Prasad
Kitchen Manager

Uma starting working for us at Valley Comfort in early 2006 and has continued to grow since then. She currently works as our kitchen manager and truly puts her heart and soul into our residents meals. Uma has enjoyed cooking for large groups and hosting parties since she was very young! She is not afraid to try new foods and is always looking for ways to spruce up meals to keep the residents happy.

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