“I will always be grateful to you for the way you take care of my wife…I have not regretted at any time choosing Valley Comfort for caring for the woman that I love. Thank you for the care you show to the most wonderful woman in the world. God bless you and your family and staff.”
-Mervin W.

“We are very thankful for the care my sister receives. One or both of us visit her nearly every other week and enjoy and appreciate the way the home is kept up, its cleanliness and the friendly help. I appreciate seeing her clothes hanging properly in the closet. Thanks to all of you for taking her to her doctor appointments, arranging for her hair styling and perms, etc. God bless all of you.”   -George and Liz B.

“Thank you for providing excellent care for our father. He has thrived in your care. He is so fond of his caregivers and we appreciate all that you have done for him.”   -Elaine K.

“Aunt M. really likes and has accepted your place as home. She is treated well and the entire staff gives her assistance. I have seen women from housekeeping even being extra kind to her. Chris [our administrator] is an angel; for his age he is so compassionate, caring, and is so kind to all of the guests at Valley Comfort. He tries to pacify Aunt M. and stops by for visits. The home is so light, clean, and is so full of cheer. Chris is so helpful and kind to her when taking her to the doctor. The food also seems to be prepared well and is nutritious for the aging. We are very pleased with the home.”   -Betty C.W.

“My husband has had many visitors who comment on your home’s décor, cleanliness, health, fragrance, lovely outdoor landscaping – all comments are positive. You are doing very, very well!”   -Gerry E.

“I hope you and Chris and your team of angels know how much my husband and I appreciate all you do to care for Mom.”   -Kimberlee J.

“I am very happy with Valley Comfort. It is clean and comfortable and a home-like place. You have some wonderful people on your staff; there are so many I appreciate. Thank you for such good care for my husband; It’s so appreciated.”   -Rena B.

“I am exceptionally pleased with the care given to my daughter. I am especially grateful to Dawn and Pam who take such great care of her. I have nothing to complain about.”   -Jim C.

A Niece’s Comments

“My Aunt was living on her own, when she got very sick, and ended up in a hospital for 9 days, and than in a nursing home. She had malnutrition, had lost 20 pounds, and could no longer walk or even feed herself!

My Aunt was in the nursing home and was basically given up on! After she was there for 3 months, the nursing home told us that she would never walk or go to the restroom on her own! They told us that she would be going in her diapers for the rest of her life. She was going from her bed to wheelchair, and would never walk even with a walker. The physical therapist said she would not improve, and he would no longer be giving her therapy. We were ready to leave her there to finish out her life. They had her on so much medication that she was losing her mind and was very confused. She was like a stranger. It was looking pretty grim!

All the assisted living places we called would not take her because she could not use the bathroom, or dress herself, or bathe herself. We had given up on looking for a place. My Aunt would never leave the nursing home. She would die there, we thought.

We then heard about Valley Comfort through an employee at the nursing home. We went to see it that same day. Three days later we moved my Aunt in! She has her own room, with a bathroom she shares with one other person.

The owners are very nice and caring. They are very helpful and motivated to see my Aunt improve. The girls who work there to assist my Aunt are all nice and caring, too! The place is beautiful. It has a nice outside area with lots of tables and chairs! It has a beautiful dining room. My Aunt’s room is nice and roomy for her, and us, when we visit.

My Aunt now rarely uses the wheelchair. She walks easily with the walker, and walks around in her room mostly on her own. She dresses herself, uses the restroom mostly on her own, and has made many friends there. The owners recommended a new doctor, and worked closely with him to get her off most of the medication. Her confusion is gone, and she is back to her old self again, maybe even happier than she was before this all happened. She is well enough for family outings and we have taken her out to restaurants, shopping, and to our house for dinner. Her only complaint is that they are always cleaning. Always dusting, mopping, and vacuuming! Which is really not a complaint at all! The place is spotless!

I would recommend Valley Comfort to anyone and everyone looking for a clean and trusted place for their loved one to live out their life. Valley Comfort has been a life saver and a blessing to my family!”