About Us

Our Story

The history behind our family and what got us into being the 92 bed care community that we are today started from hard work and difficult beginnings.

In 1989, Glenda Gaither’s grandmother had a massive stroke in the Fresno area and was required to move into a nursing facility, due to her physical deterioration. Glenda would drive down to visit frequently and was not satisfied with the overall care that her grandmother was receiving. Every random visit a major issue arose (soiled, miscommunication by staff, over medicated, etc.). Glenda had finally decided to take matters into her own hands and spoke with her aunt that was also in the industry about how to start a care home of her own. Thus, Valley Comfort was born as a 6 bed residential care facility. Over the years, Valley Comfort grew into three 6 bed facilities and 1 eight bed facility strictly by word of mouth. It got to the point that Dale, Glenda’s husband, eventually had to quit his job and assist with the rapid growth to fulfill their dream. In 1999, Glenda and Dale built our current location to consolidate the several care homes under one roof and so our 48 bed location was opened. In 2001, Glenda and Dale added another 44 beds of assisted living to care for a wider range of clientele due to the demand for their services.

In 2003, their son Chris Gaither, currently the Administrator, joined the company and worked every position helping him gain the knowledge and experience to further himself with the company.

In 2007, Nick Gaither, their younger son and currently the assistant Administrator, also joined the Valley Comfort’s staff and went through the same training to insure that his heart and compassion were as dedicated to the rest of the family’s hard work.

During this process another one of our beloved grandparents went through the dementia process and was moved into our community which has helped us personally understand the difficulty that families are going through, even in the early stages of starting to search. Since no two cases are the same, each resident’s care plan is tailored to each individual’s capabilities and life experiences. We strive every day to make sure that your loved one receives all the care and compassion that we would give to our own family member. Even if you are not looking to move into a community but have questions, we are willing to give guidance and share any knowledge that we have to help you along. Do realize that you are not alone and there are resources out there that can also assist you.

We are very proud to still have our business strive primarily by word of mouth. Our dedication to provide each family the best care possible is furthered by staying up to date on the most current information that is available in the assisted living and dementia/Alzheimer’s care field. Let us help you in what is a difficult and heartfelt journey.

Pictured (from left to right): Nick and his wife, Brooke; Dale and Glenda with grandson; and Chris.

We all take great pride and love in what we do,
helping others.